02 February 2012

Science Teaching Enhanced In K To 12 Curriculum

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said that while Science as a subject is formally introduced in Grade 3, it remains integrated in all learning areas to steadily develop the students’ skills in understanding more complex subjects.
“The focus of early education (Kinder to Grade 2) should be the fundamental skills and literacy of the pupils to develop better comprehension for more complicated subjects such as science,” said Luistro.
Luistro pointed out that based on the intent of the K to 12 basic education reform program, the teaching of science is enhanced to make it even more relevant in the daily experience of the learners.

The Education chief explained that science concepts/skills are integrated beginning in kindergarten in the teaching of Languages, Mathematics, and Health under MAPEHEH. “It is important that our learners are able to relate science in their everyday experience whether in school or at home,” explained Luistro.
A study by the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) shows that among its member-countries, the Philippines allots the most time to Science in elementary (1,100 mins per week), 810 for Brunei, 360 for Malaysia, 540 for Singapore. “This, coupled with teaching more competencies imply congestion in our current elementary Science curriculum,” Luistro said.
Science has not been taught as a separate subject in Grades 1 and 2 (in public schools) since the 1980s. “In effect, we are merely maintaining a status quo which is to focus on fundamental skills, numeracy and literacy (reading and writing) during the early years, Luistro stressed.




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