24 January 2012

Possession of Janelle video punishable

Police warned internet users that they may be jailed if caught sharing or uploading the sex video of embattled actress Janelle Manahan and her slain boyfriend Ramgen Revilla.
Senior Supt. Chris Laxa, deputy chief for Operations of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), said they have already started tracking down the Internet protocol address which uploaded the first sex video through a popular networking site last month.
“It is not a matter on whether or not you were the first one who uploaded it because, according to the law, sharing the video or uploading it again are also considered grounds for criminal prosecution,” said Laxa, referring to provisions of Republic Act 9995, the anti-Cyber Boso law.

Mere possession of a copy of the video clip is also punishable, said Laxa.
Aside from tracking down the Internet protocol address of the person who first uploaded the video, Laxa said they are also documenting the IP addresses which shared the controversial video.
Early this month, Manahan personally sought the help of the CIDG in hunting those who uploaded the video clip of their intimate moments. She specifically asked to investigate Ramgen’s own mother Genelyn Magsaysay and four siblings.
Manahan, through her legal counsel Argee Guevarra, said there are strong indications that the immediately family of Ramgen has something to do with it.
Laxa, for his part, said they have already asked the US State Department to assist them, noting that they have to do it since the main offices of Facebook and You Tube are located in the United States.
He added that they also sought the assistance of the Department of Justice, asking the agency to use the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) in running after those who uploaded the video clip.
Laxa said they expect positive results of their operation before the end of this month.




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