31 January 2012

Cloie Picks Modeling Over Showbiz, Calls KC 'World's Best Ate'

Now that Cloie Concepcion is in town, she joins sisters KC and Garrie in the limelight.
Cloie is Gabby Concepcion and Jenny Syquia’s daughter. She arrived recently and immediately, they gave Jenny’s former agent Vic del Rosario and daughter Veronique a visit to ask what they have to say about Cloie’s desire to try modeling in the Philippines.
“Boss Vic and Veronique said it was go, that seriously, they believe Cloie could do it. Before we knew it, I was again signing a contract with them, and Cloie, too,” Jenny excitedly told us.

Cloie signed a three-year contract with Viva Artist Agency.
But it’s modeling over showbiz for the young lady. “She has set her eyes on modeling since she was 15 but then Jenny believed she wasn’t ready yet. But she’s almost 18 (and 5’7” tall) now and after spending half a year in a university in Beijing, I think she’s more than ready to start a modeling career. But not showbiz. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and text messages from Sweden inquiring about Cloie.”
Jenny recalled that she herself started out as a model. “I had a front row seat to drama so I had a few years to observe it,” Jenny, who also was editor of a bridal magazine, said.
She always tells her daughter “to think before she speaks and to sit up straight.”
Jenny revealed she hasn’t seen nor talked to her former husband Gabby Concepcion since Cloie was one year old. They have nothing to talk about, she said, stressing “everything between us is water under the bridge.”
Cloie has started bonding with her half sister KC. And after being together recently in a humanitarian mission in Cagayan de Oro, they became very close. Jenny said KC invited Cloie to join her on the UN WFP trip to Cagayan de Oro. “The two of them hit it off like they were never apart. That was an amazing experience for Cloie especially because President Aquino was also there,” Jenny said.
Jenny added: “Cloie calls KC the world’s best Ate!”




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