10 November 2011

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V

With the sembreak fever coming to an end, the best course of action in the remaining days is to take a vacation and go to an otherwise uncommon adventure. 

First things first, don’t be intimidated by the number of buttons on the DSC-HX9V. Despite the number of setting options, the camera is fairly easy to use.The DSC-HX9Vexudes appeal as a hardcore type of pocket camerafor adventurists who would take on the challenge of taking photos of scenes in places only a few would dare to go.

This adventurous pedigree was betrayed by the fact that the unit sports a GPS and has a built in compass. These distinct features allow the intrepid user to tag the exact location where a specific photo was taken and correlate it with third party applications such as Google Earth.
DSC-HX9V blurs the line between the accessible and portable handycams. Handy and compact, the camera packs intense power and reproduction quality that could compete with powerful SLRs.It is capable of producing 16.2 megapixel still shots and is capable of up to 16x optical zoom.
This distinct feature makes it competitive for shooting distant objects and scenery.  Not only does the camera take high quality photos, but it can also shoot HD footages. The camera can also shoot 3D images which could easily be viewed via 3D TV.
In the field, the camera is packed with useful features.  Not only is it fun to use, it also provides the user the ability to capture uncompromised and high-quality shots. For beautiful sceneries, the DSC-HX9Vcan capture the scene through the use of panoramic shots, which can be quite useful especially during out-of-town trips.
Another thing worth noting is the camera’s capability to shoot HD quality movies. The 50 frames full HD resolution (1920x1080) is a first among the Cybershot line. A simple press of the button enables the user to capture of any video at any configuration of the camera. With this function, it’s quick and snappy to change from snapping photos to filming movies.
The tracking focus also maintains the crispness and accuracy in shooting even if the subject is moving. The 7.5cm LCD compliments the crisp videos and pictures captured by the camera by providing the user with a large and clear display.
As clear as the shot that it takes, the DSC-HX9V is one of the best point and shoot camerasavailable. Its light, it’s compact, and it packs a range of features that novice photographers, typical tourists or the average user can work wonders with. Still, despite its ability to deliver glamour and action, the camera sadly suffers from a short battery life especially when taking videos.




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