03 November 2011

iOS 5 Update to fix iPhone 4S Battery issue

Most people are going agog over the iPhone 4S but after that issue on the battery problems come out. Nevertheless, Apple has acknowledged the problem and promises to release an iOS 5 update in the coming weeks.
Of course, the iPhone 4S has yet to make its way into the Philippines but as most gadgets to make their debut here, it is best to be aware of potential issues and be ready for them just in case they do strike on Philippine soil.
The iOS 5 update will be deployed to developers with the hope of fixing the battery bugs.
It seems that the issue has been tied up to the software and not the battery (hardware).
From the looks of it, the battery issues associated with the iPhone 4S has not dampened the interest of people seeking to get their hands on the latest device from Apple. But just the same, it is best the the iPhone 4S wishers be aware of the current problems and are hopefully spared from it when it does make its landing in the Philippines.




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