26 October 2011

Claudine Barretto loses money in bank

Claudine Barretto was reported crying just outside a bank Oct. 25 after the money she was withdrawing from her account allegedly ‘disappeared’ mysteriously.
It was unclear how the "24 Oras" news crew came to be at the bank then, but the report noted Barretto had been fuming mad while inside the bank. Later, outside the bank, Barretto was distressed was enough at that point that she would only tearfully tell the reporter, “Tanungin niyo na lang ‘yung lawyer ko, please,” when asked what happened.
According to the report, Barretto went to a bank in Quezon Avenue with her lawyer, Atty. Agnes Maranan, to withdraw some money. The amount was not divulged; however, it was reported that the money they were trying to get was no longer available some half an hour after they tried to withdraw it. Apparently, it was taken through “inter-bank withdrawal,” the report noted.
Atty. Maranan spoke to “24 Oras” and said, “Draw your own conclusions pero the timing, ‘no… It was withdraw at the time we were here asking to withdraw it. We were here for more than 30 minutes. I was able to confirm from the teller that the funds were still there; and then suddenly, about 40 minutes or 30 minutes later, wala na ‘yung funds.”
The report also noted that the money was supposed to come from Barreto and husband Raymart Santiago’s joint bank account—from which either spouse could withdraw funds separately.
Whereas the bank manager refused to make any comments, “24 Oras” also noted that they had tried to reach Santiago for any statement but the actor still hadn’t given any at the time of the report.
Barretto has had a very trying time of late, being the center of quite a number of rumors and issues. In a high profile showbiz controversy, Barretto had been rumored to be having an extra marital affair with a close friend of her husband’s, Martin Castro—something that also became a hot issue between Barretto and Angelica Panganiban, whom the former claimed had spread the malicious lies.
After that, Barretto was linked to a number of men, including businessman Atong Ang, for whom, she said, her sister-in-law works and who volunteered to help at the time of the Castro debacle (Barretto noted Ang was Castro’s godfather); and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, to whom Barretto said she wasn’t even close but whose party she happened to attend with some friends.
And then there were issues about her supposed penchant for going to casinos; as well as her purported involvement with drugs and having gone to rehab—both of which she denied.
The one positive news about Barretto had been her reconciliation with her older sister, Gretchen, from whom she had a falling out after their supposed ABS-CBN TV show together fell through and the older Barretto still went on to do it.
And finally, there were rumors of a rocky relationship with her husband, with reports even going as far as saying they had already split up.  The couple had denied this issue many times already.

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