22 February 2011

3 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is Overtaking Internet Marketing?

There has been a lot of buzz about mobile marketing recently. Mobile marketing is the brand new era of marketing that can put your foot on the path of financial freedom. It is very effective and come in handy while promoting your products. It is a more targeted way of connecting to limitless clients. If you wonder “Is mobile marketing better than internet marketing”. The answer is YES. You are about to find out the exact reasons below:

1. Huge Market and Still Growing
According to the latest stats, there are over 5 billion mobile phone users as compared with just 1.8 billion internet users. More than 51 million mobile users are using smart phones. The yearly apps download to reach 20 billion by 2014. More and more people are buying smart phones every day. These numbers are huge, opportunities are immense and still growing with a high rate every moment.

2. Low Advertising Cost
Internet advertising could be quite expensive. If you do not know how to use Google AdWords properly you could lose millions there. A simple cost per click could be 5$ or more. Meaning unless you have deep pockets to run, test and verify your advertisements you can not sustain for long.
But with mobile web marketing a single cost per click will cost you between 1 cent to 17 cents. You can drive a lot more traffic to you products with the same amount of investment. More traffic means more sales and more money in your pockets.

3. Higher Conversion Rates
When people see you ad on their mobiles, it’s a one page ad only. This ensures that the user have their dedicated attention without any disturbance from splash banner ads or videos etc. You are the only call to action on that page. This works well for you higher conversion rates.

Also many times people tend to ignore advertising emails or skim through your ad without really bothering to click on it. Whereas mobile marketing will assure you that the person had at least read the message before actually deleting it. It could work in your favour.

Mobile marketing is still raw and the hottest new trend in marketing. The market is huge and competition is very low. Doesn’t it sounds like exactly what you need? Start and reap the maximum benefits from mobile web marketing when the time is still correct.




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