31 January 2011

Surge Solar Case for iPod Touch

There is never a shortage of various portable ways to charge the iPhone, mostly due to people being very unhappy with the battery life.  However, for those of us using an iPod Touch like me, it seems like there are far less options.  Which is bad for those like me that are notorious for forgetting to charge their iPod while they’re at home.  This Surge case will help out those that are always on the run and always forgetting to plug in their iPod.  It’ll make sure you can get a charge no matter where you’re at.
It will of course make your iPod quite a bit more bulky, but at least you’ll be powering your iPod in an eco-friendly and portable manner.  The best part of this case is that they were smart enough to make it possible to sync your iPod without worrying about taking the case off.  You’ll also get a decent amount of selection when it comes to choosing the color of the case you would like.  They have these in green, blue, black and lastly pink.




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