22 January 2009

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

We all utilize both sides of our brains, but some of us favor one side over the other. And knowing which side you favor can help you understand a lot about yourself and become more successful at whatever you do.

To see if you have a dominant side, look over sections A and B here, and check the statements that apply to you. (Be honest. Don't just mark the things you wish were true about you.)


* I'm pretty good at math.
* I keep a to-do list.
* If I had to assemble something, I'd read the instructions first.
* I feel comfortable expressing myself with words.
* Before I take a stand on an issue, I like to get all the facts.
* I always wear a watch.
* If I forgot someone's name, I'd go through the alphabet until I remembered it.
* I have considered becoming a lawyer, journalist, or doctor.
* I'd make a good detective.
* I believe there's a right and wrong way to do everyting.
* Setting goals for myself helps keep me from slacking off.
* If I have a tough decision to make, I write down the pros and cons.
* I keep a journal.
* If someone asks me a question, I generally turn my head to the right.
* If I lost something, I'd try to remember where I saw it last.
* The expression " Life is just a bowl of cherries" makes absolutely no sense to me.

TOTAL _______


* When I talk, I gesture a lot.
* I like to draw.
* When I'm confused, I usually go with my gut instinct.
* I lose track of time easily.
* I find that sticking to a schedule is boring.
* I am musically inclined.
* I can tell if someone's guilty just by looking at them.
* I've considered becoming a poet, a politician, an architect or a dancer.
* I believe there are two sides to every story.
* I'd rather draw someone a map than tell them how to get somewhere.
* If I have a problem, I try to work it out by relating it to a problem I've had in the past.
* When someone aske me a question, I turn my head to the left.
* If I don't know which way to turn, I'll let my emotions be my guide.
* Some people think I'm psychic.
* I'm always late getting places.
* I hate following directions.

TOTAL ________


Add up the number of check marks in columns A and B. if your total for Column A is higher, you rely more on your left brain. If your total for Column B is higher, you are more on your right brain. If your totals are the same, or vary by only one or two points, you tend to utilize both sides of your brain equally.

If you're more left-brained:

* You're practical and realistic with a natural flair for math or English.
* For most part, you do thing in a planned, decided, oderly way. You thrive on a routine. For example, you probably prefer to do your homework at a specific time each day.
* Your friends often ask you for advice because you're level-headed and logical. They can trust that you won't let your personal feelings get in the way.

If you're more right-brained:

* You're creative and intuitive with a natural flair for art and music.
* Flexible and spontaneous, you love surprises - and you hate to feel restricted. Teachers who expect you to do everything just so really get on your nerves.
* Your friends can always count on you to be sensitive and sympathetic when they're having problems. You often help them seen ways of looking at their situations.



Hapi January 23, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

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your sassy reporter January 23, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

thank you for the little test you got here now i know i'm more left brained! i like your blog it has many interesting reads. i will surely come back to read again! see you around!

Dylan Dimaubusan January 25, 2009 at 12:33 AM  

I'm more of the right brain.. No doubt about that..

this is interesting.


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