26 November 2008

Anti-Dandruff Nutrients

Dandruff has become harder to deal with since the realization that, the problem can be considered more than just the result of a dry scalp area. In fact, dermatologists are finding it more frequently caused by emotional stress, illness, or a poor amount of sugar and starchy food in your diet. Also, since doctors have shown that some cases od dandruff are due to malabsorption of malutilization of Vitamin B, an increase in intake of this vitamin may prove helpful. However, the most important nutritional factors for controlling dandruff are adequate levels of zinc and sodium.



sunny November 26, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

nice post. people usually associate dandruff to unhygienic mannars but usually dandruff is caused by emotional factors, nutrition and stress, like the seborrhic dermatitis! take care mi amiga!


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