29 October 2008

Is your desk feng shui-friendly?

Feng shui is the Chinese art of living in harmony with the environment. And, according to feng shui expert Suzanne Harper, the way to get ahead at work is this simple: feng shui your desk during lunch break.
How do you do it?
“The first rule of feng shui is to clear all clutter,” says Harper. “If you don’t really need something on your desk, put it away in a drawer.
“Second, deal with any paperwork quickly – don’t let it pile up around you.”
Sydney feng shui expert Howard Choy believes one of the most effective things you can do is to place a pot plant in the top left-hand corner of your desk.
“Doing this helps you claim your territory and ge a sense of your own place,” he says “it also increases live “chi” [creative energy] which enhances growth and prosperity.”
The number one feng shui no-no says Choy, is to have your back facing an open space or door. “A solid wall behind you creates protection and security. Also avoid having your boss looking at you from the back – this causes unnecessary interference.”
Use orange, blue or red office and desk accessories to promote positive energy balance;
Place happy photos of you and your loved ones in the relationships area of the desk – the upper right-hand corner – to enhance harmony in friendships;
Don’t put your phone where you have to cross your body to pick it up. This creates negative chi.




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