29 October 2008

Dear Diary…

Putting pen to paper can be good for your body and soul. In a study conducted by psychologist Melanie Greenberg, it was found that people who made regular accounts of their thoughts and feelings made 66 percent fewer trips to the doctor. Writing about fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams may help you develop a sense of control over your emotions, which, in turn, may contribute to good health, suggests Greenberg.
Need inspiration? The most important thing to remember is not to be overly analytical or critical of your writing. This is your chance to address your innermost feelings – not an opportunity to beat yourself up for not being the next Jane Austen. Let the words flow. Whatever comes to mind, put it down on paper.
Write a poem or start a diary today. You’ll discover a personal treasure map of feelings you rarely get in touch with.




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