16 November 2012

Americans Spoof ‘Amalayer’ Video

A sure way to determine that you are famous, or infamous for that matter, is when something you've done gets parodied as in the case of the “Amalayer” viral video of Paula Salvosa.
While many parody videos of the fit thrown by "the rude passenger" at the LRT station have cropped up overnight, one of these stood out for featuring two Americans.
Uploaded on the Facebook Fan Page of a certain “Oppa Landi Style," this video titled “AMALAYER (US Army Version)” shows two men instead of women. The men are identified as US army Privates Jones and Carreon.

The video runs 1:11 minutes and features a staged altercation between the two with another filming the entire “show” with his laughter heard in the background.
Set in what seems to be a warehouse with tools and boxes , the video shows Private Jones repeatedly “assaulting” Carreon by asking him “I’m a liar” in the same intonation and diction as the original “amalayer” girl.
Unlike Salvosa’s video, their version didn’t reveal on what sparked their word fight nor did it utter other lines aside from "i'm a liar." In the end, as if to signal that their argument is anything but serious, Jones mauled Carreon over at the boxes while the one filming roared in laughter in the background.
Claiming ownership to the video is a certain Chris M. Jugo who wrote in the comments section that he uploaded the clip to show that “Hindi po nakakahiya ang mga Pilipino.”
“These 2 soldiers are in MY SQUAD and They're my bestfriends. I trained them and now we're working at the same company,” he said.
He appealed to Netizens not to be “sensitive” that he made fun of such unfortunate incident because, in truth, he says, “ang nakakahiya eh yung mga TAONG MATAPOBRE AT NAGMAMATAAS. I hope I made it clear."
He clarified that he made the “Amalayer” video “just for fun” and apologized if anyone got offended. He however emphasized that “a FILIPINO LIKE ME was never disrespected.”
As of this writing, the video has 2,936 shares, 694 likes and 163 comments and counting.



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