22 October 2012

Hidden HD Video Pen: A Pen With Little (Big) Secret

What we have here is an HD Video Pen. As the name suggests, it is a pen with a video recording capability — simply put, a spy pen.
It is a real pen with a blue ink that you can really use to write. It carries premium looks and has a bit of heft. But let’s move to its BIG secret -- that little video camera just above its clip.
Operating the video camera of this pen is fairly easy, provided that you have read the instructions. Either place it first on a spot where it can have a stable and clear view of what you’re planning to record, or just hold it freely with your hand. You should then press the button on the top for three seconds for it to start recording.
You will know that it is already recording by looking at the LED indicator on its back, which should be blinking a blue color by now. You can cut videos by simply pressing the button again, which in turn will save the recorded video. The videos look fine, just don’t expect crystal clear products.

But there is more on this than just recording a video. It can also do sound recording. When on the video recording standby mode (indicated by a solid yellow LED), just press the button three times, and it should now have switched to the sound recording standby mode which, on the other hand, is indicated by a solid yellow LED. Press the button again to begin recording sounds.
Switching from video recoridng to sound recording took me a while because it is quite tricky. Sound quality is fairly good. What is slighly disappointing is that you cannot record a video with a sound — you would have to choose between the two.
The video pen is backed by a 4GB storage which can accommodate up to one and a half (1.5) hours of video recording. If you’re only planning to do sound recording, the pen should manage to hold more. The battery life is rated at 2 hours, just enough for you to record until the storage fills up.
The only downside I found? The LED indicator — they could have hid it or placed it on the bottom where your hands can obscure it and not defeat yopur spying mission.
The HD Video Pen seems to be a very compelling buy. It is an elegant looking pen and a pocketable video camera.
It can help people who needs to document a thing without getting caught, or to, say, record the face of a criminal without getting busted.
There are surely many more uses for a handy video camera like this which you might need someday, sometime.
As with any other products, there is still a room for improvements — like a battery that is user-replaceable, an expandable memory, and a more concealed status LED.




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