25 September 2012

Sound Lovers Demand Hi-Fi Headphones

High fidelity or hi-fi headphones used to be coveted by a limited market comprised of music producers, sound engineers, and general audiophiles. But as reported  by MarketWatch of The Wall Street Journal network, the spurt of portable media devices such as the iPod has been the primary culprit in a booming demand for premium headphones in global markets, including the Philippines.
Among the companies looking to meet this demand is Philips. “We want to give consumers the opportunity to hear the music they always listen to exactly as the artist intended,” remarks Franco Flameno, Business Development Manager for Lifestyle Entertainment, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines, on their Philips Fidelio range of premium headphones. “We want them to experience high quality music through high fidelity headphones.”

The over-the-ear Philips Fidelio L1 headphones are part of the Philips Fidelio range of premium audio products. According to Flameno, the Fidelio range offers “high fidelity and premium audio products” that are meant for music lovers with discerning ears. “The Fidelio L1 is the perfect headphones for casual or thorough listening. It offers superb and precise clarity of sound, making it as faithful to the original as possible,” he adds.
Powerful vented and pre-tilted neodymium drivers arguably make the sound produced by the Fidelio L1 a force to be reckoned with. The vent in the drivers’ center brings a controlled bass and a transparent mid-range. Its semi-open back architecture also serves to provide more natural and uncolored sound that’s very close to the original source.
According to Flameno, the L1 eliminates sound congestion and instead gives rich and balanced sound, from bass to treble, resulting in an enjoyable listening experience.
Furthermore, the L1 is designed to control sound leakage, allowing users to isolate themselves with their music.
In terms of comfort, the L1 is ideal for extended hours of listening because of its comfortable padding that cushions the ears. The use of aluminum and leather in the general construction of the L1 adds to its overall aesthetics as well.
On the other hand, the Fidelio M1 is primarily intended for “outdoor or on-the-go listening.” “The M1’s design is very modern and classic, yet it does not forego comfort with its soft breathable padding and memory foam for long-time listening and proper fit,” explains Flameno.
Much can be said about the Fidelio M1’s leather finishes and overall sophisticated flair, but according to Flameno, the M1, just like the L1, does not disappoint when it comes to sound. “It is equipped with high power 40mm neodymium drivers as well that reproduce full sound, up to the minute details,” he said. Sound resonates well from the M1 due to its acoustic seal that’s built into the internal chamber to preserve sound details. Moreover, sound should also come out cleaner due to double-layered ear-shells that reduce vibration.
“With the Philips Fidelio L1 and M1, Philips provides an authentic listening experience to satisfy those obsessed with sound.  All this is part of Philips’ continuous commitment to making meaningful innovations that enhance our lives,” Flameno concludes.




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