12 September 2012

Safety First: Ford SYNC Technology

The new Ford Focus is now equipped with the SYNC technology system.  SYNC is a voice-activated technology developed by Ford that allows users to make telephone calls, control music and other significant mobile operations comfortably and safely.  Powered by Microsoft, this hands-free technology connects to a mobile phone or a digital media player via bluetooth and USB respectively. Now, there is no need to disconnect even while driving.
As mentioned, SYNC is powered by Microsoft through Windows Embedded Automotive software and with the help of bluetooth technology, mobile phone integration is a breeze. All you need to do is pair them.

Hands-free calls are done either through voice activation or by pushing a designated “talk” button on the steering wheel.  It can support call features such as caller ID, call waiting, call conferencing, etc.  The technology allows automatic phone book transfer without compromising privacy.  Hands-free control over portable media players  and browsing through music collections are likewise possible.
In an unfortunate event of car crashes or accidents, once the airbag is deployed or fuel pump shutoff is activated, SYNC will immediately provide 911 emergency assistance through the driver’s paired mobile phone. SYNC will connect the driver directly to 911 operator and through GPS, exact location can be determined.  If the driver is not capable of communication, a message will be relayed informing the operator that an accident has happened and that assistance is required.
Another SYNC feature is the AppLink+.  This enables the driver gain access and control to mobile apps from either his or her Blackberry, iPhone or Android device.   Again, this can be done hands-free.
Also with SYNC, drivers can be provided with turn by turn navigation, traffic alerts or updates and information such as sports, news and weather.
SYNC can do a whole lot more bringing connectivity and safety beyond expectations.  At present, SYNC is installed in more than 4 million Ford vehicles worldwide.  With the launch in Europe and Asia within the year, by 2015, an estimated 9 million more vehicles will be equipped with SYNC. —Len Gatbonton-Amadora




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