11 June 2012

I Deserve The Win – Bradley

The winner looked like the loser when he showed up during the post-fight press conference late Saturday night.
Tim Bradley was escorted to the spacious function rooms at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on a wheelchair after he revealed that he twisted his left ankle early in his 12-round split decision win over Manny Pacquiao.
“I felt a pop in the second round and both my ankles are swollen,” said Bradley as his entourage and family members whopped it up during the Q&A session.

“I never felt I was losing the fight,” said the 28-year-old Bradley, who got hurt badly in the fifth after absorbing Pacquiao’s lethal left hand and a barrage of power punches.
But Bradley said he learned to adjust as the rounds wore on and he forced Pacquiao to miss and eventually look bad in the eyes of the judges.
“Manny couldn’t get off and I used my ability for the victory.”
Even though the decision was roundly booed by the 15,000-plus that attended the fights, Bradley said he feels he was deserving of the decision.
“They are the three judges and that’s the way they judged it and what am I going to do? Two felt I won the fight. We definitely got to do it again.”
Bradley said the key was movement.
“I stuck to moving and working on angles.”
Promoter Bob Arum had to cut off the session to give Bradley, the new World Boxing Organization welterweight champion, the chance to have his injury attended to in the hospital.
Despite the pain that he feels, that’s nothing compare to the joy that Bradley is feeling now.




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