28 May 2012

New Video Of Santiago-Tulfo Pre-Scuffle At NAIA Surfaces

Almost three weeks after the much-ballyhooed NAIA Terminal 3 brawl, a new video has surfaced that may purportedly provide answers to what really transpired before things escalated between Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto’s camp and veteran columnist and broadcaster Mon Tulfo.
The very short video clip, which was aired on TV5’s “Aksyon” on May 25, showed Tulfo framed on screen by a man wearing a pink shirt and a woman also in a pink top, similar to what Barretto was wearing during the May 6 fracas.
The man in pink shirt—who wasn’t Santiago but is believed one of the couple’s companions—was then seen hitting Tulfo in the head with his left hand.

The scene supposedly happened before the altercation between Tulfo and Santiago’s camp exploded into a full-blown brawl. However, the source of the video was not revealed by the “Aksyon TV” report.
The Original Video
On May 7, Santiago claimed that the first video that was uploaded on Youtube only showed half of what happened, and did not show who hit first. His camp offered reward money to anyone who can produce a video of the moments leading to the NAIA brawl.
“We assure you that all arrangements will be treated with utmost confidentiality and caution. Your identities will never be compromised. And as much as possible, personal appearances will not even be necessary,” the couple’s legal counsel, Atty. Jennifer Jimeno-Atienza, read the couple’s statement on “24 Oras,” May 16, after the initial hearing of the temporary protection order or writ of Amparo that they petitioned against Tulfo brothers, Ben, Raffy and Erwin.
Based on all reports, the NAIA all started when the couple and their companions found out that their luggage were left at the Caticlan airport when they arrived in Manila from a short vacation from Boracay.
Because of this, Claudine allegedly castigated the ground crew of Cebu Pacific, a scene that Tulfo—who had just come from Davao—reportedly witnessed.
Tulfo took photos of the incident with his cellphone, which reportedly irked Santiago and his companions. Santiago supposedly demanded for Tulfo’s mobile phone, which was how the fracas was said to have started.
Statement from Santiago-Barretto Camp
With the surfacing of the new short video, the lawyers for Santiago and Barretto readily appealed to the public for discernment.
In a statement sent to PEP over the weekend, they said, “We cannot form conclusions based only on mere seconds of footage, which represents fragments of the true story. It is important to bear in mind how simple editing in sequencing can easily mislead us.”
Their statement also noted, “The case is before the proper courts, which will undoubtedly base their decisions on the ENTIRE turn of events.”




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