18 April 2012

Mother Gets Life's Surprise: P81,871,455

A 53-year-old mother of two in Pasig City got the surprise of her life, finding out only after 20 days that she won P81 million in the March 25 draw of the Super Lotto 6/49, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) revealed yesterday.
The winner, who owns a neigh¬borhood store, found out about her big win at just the opportune time when she had to settle the bill at the hospital where her son had been confined.
Worried her money may not be enough, she dug into her bag to count her cash and saw the 20-peso lotto ticket she purchased on March 25.

At this point, she felt her heart beat faster. “When I we came out of the hospital on April 14, I went to a lotto outlet and checked my bet. I was so surprised to learn that I won,” PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II quoted the woman to whom he handed a check for her P81,871,455.60 win¬nings.
He said the lucky bettor placed a single "Lucky Pick" bet on March 25, and the num¬bers matched the win¬ning combination of 6/49: 23-46-35-18-45-40.
Rojas advised her to spend her money well.
She responded that she plans to have a business, build apart¬ments, and a commer¬cial building.
She added she had been betting on the lotto for 10 years every day.
Meanwhile, Rojas said in an interview on radio yesterday that the PCSO’s medium- and long-term plans include putting up more sub-offices in every province so that patients do not have to come to Manila.
The PCSO official made the statement in reply to a question on the long lines of people at seeking assistance at the agency's Fund Allocation Department (FAD) and Charity Clinic located at the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP).
Ultimately, he said, to expedite processing of clients/beneficiaries, the State charity agency also in¬cludes in its plans the computeriza¬tion of documents.
Rojas assured that everyone who seeks assistance has to go through the same process of checking their documents.
“It has always been 'first come, first serve' and we prioritize those who have serious illness,” he said.
Rojas assured that PCSO is do¬ing its best to spread the charity virus to as many Filipinos as pos¬sible who need assistance for their medical and health needs.





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