21 March 2012

HP Philippines' Folio Adds Fire To Already Heated Ultrabook Market

It was a windy and balmy Thursday night, not your usual evening for this particular season on these tropical islands. The night’s relatively pleasant nature masked a rather simmering cauldron of a market, otherwise known as the ultrabook segment, getting hotter by a notch or two.
For a field that has been increasingly crowded, occupied by ultrabooks, such as the Zenbook from Asus, the Series 5 Ultra from Samsung, and the MacBook Air from Steve Jobs, just got even more packed with HP’s launch of the Folio 13 into the local market.

Features and Specifications
The Folio 13 complies with Intel’s prerequisites for a laptop computer wanting to call itself an ultrabook. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor linked to up to 4GB of RAM. HP also chose to go all-solid-state-drive with this one. Unlike some of its competitors’ cost-cutting move to use combo SSD-HDD for their ultrabooks’ storage drives, HP opted to endow the Folio 13 with a 128GB SSD.
Although an avowed business computing tool, the Folio 13 comes with enough multimedia capabilities that nobody would question it should HP dub it an entertainment PC. This HP ultrabook comes with a 13.3-inch HD BrightView backlit LED screen that is supported by Intel HD graphics, with audio support provided by Dolby Advanced Audio.
And unlike some of its ultrabook rivals, the HP Folio 13 comes with a long list of connectivity ports, including Ethernet, RJ-45, HDMI, card-reader, and USB. Users can stay mobile at all times without the need to feel isolated and cut off from their coworkers, business partners, or family and friends.
But what makes the HP Folio 13 stand out from the rest is its battery, which HP claims can last as long as nine and a half hours between charges. The 6-cell lithium ion battery offers what the company asserts is the highest performance available among the present crop of ultrabooks.
These high-end features come enclosed in a long-lasting and sleek aluminum-brushed body. The aluminum casing also helps assure users, removing the worries about their ultrabook getting scratched. The HP Folio 13’s body, one of the thinnest at 0.75 inches, comes with an ergonomically designed bottom, which makes this 1.49kg ultrabook easy to hold securely. (Allan D. Francisco)




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