30 March 2012

ASUS Beamer Shines On You

As technology continues to progress non-stop with the latest tablets, smartphones and laptops coming out every now and then with top-notch quality, they lack qualities needed for presentations and group leisure. That’s where portable projectors come in handy.
Designed for business and entertainment, the ASUS P1 LED projector packs a 1280 x 800 resolution with its 200-lumen brightness, offering extra bright image quality. Weighing less than 400g with dimensions of 113mm x 33mm x 128mm, the P1 is slim and lightweight to fit in any bag, making it a capable portable device.

It’s powered with the same adaptor as any ASUS laptops, which adds to the device’s portability if they are travelling with an ASUS device. Even with a different brand, this should not be an issue as universal AC adaptors are easily purchased.
Anyone who wishes to relive movies in the big screen may do so with the P1. Projected images are crisp and vivid to every detail, thanks to the DLP chip and LED light source, and with the right setup, it really is like having an entire cinema inside your home.
Focusing images is fine-tuned in the lens scope and is very simple to use, and doesn’t have to rotate 360 degrees, all you have to do is turn the knob left or right to find the proper focus.
On the P1’s surface are control buttons to adjust settings like brightness and display ratio. You can also adjust the screen’s ratio, the horizontal and vertical lengths, and the images’ angle.
There are no digital video inputs, but does support VGA, Composite Video, ports for PSU and a break-out cable. For now, the P1 is compatible to most computers, which should be sufficient for a time. But the lack of connectivity to other devices leaves this one something to be desired from.
When the flip-stand is turned beneath the P1, the keystone feature kicks in, automatically corrects the image’s position, this can be done manually. The P1 contains several modes from standard to theater that works best under the right conditions.
Although ASUS promises an expanded lamp lifespan, around thirty thousand hours, a major issue about the P1 is how quickly it generates heat. In only a span of less than thirty minutes, the entire projector was hot on all sides, making the said lifespan somewhat doubtful.
For a compact and quality projector, this delivers images with exceptional clarity for both home entertainment and business presentations. Its lightweight features make it an easy companion for travelers and its simplicity makes it accessible for anyone.




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