26 March 2012

Admirer from British band Blake asks KC out

It happened during the group’s guest appearance on March 25 in the noontime variety show, “ASAP 2012,” of which KC is regular host and performer.
During the short interview with KC and Martin Nievera after Blake’s performance, Martin asked Jules, “Let’s play a game. Let’s just say for the sake of argument, you had a crush in the Philippines. Today, let’s spell crush [as] k-c-r-u-s-h. Let’s say she was here right now, what would you say to your crush?”
Turning to the female host, Jules said, “I do actually have a question for you. One second,” and kneeled, surprising KC.
“I was gonna ask you, will you have dinner with me?” he asked.
Flustered, KC quipped, “What is this, sinet-up ako ng ‘ASAP 2012.’  ‘ASAP 2012,’ ha.
“For my ‘ASAP’ Kapamilyas, maybe. ‘Maybe’ talaga?” she replied, laughing.
To this, Blake said, “I’ll take that, I’ll take that.”
In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment during a press conference for their series of performances at Ayala Malls last week, Jules said that he met KC last year through magazine editor Anton San Diego during the group's first Manila show in October.
“We all had a lovely evening with her at probably what is the best night club in Manila, The Establishment. She’s a fantastic girl and I’d love to get to know her better,” he was quoted as saying.
He added, “I know she’s an absolute legend here, and when we met her we didn’t know how famous she was, but she’s a lovely girl and I know she’s a national treasure…”
Meanwhile, KC and Jules exchanged a couple of tweets on Twitter just recently, with the latter even addressing her as “mahal” in one post.





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