22 February 2012

Virtual Teacher

A child-friendly virtual teacher is what the Aspire X1920 from Acer presents itself to be.
Since most kids nowadays have the tendency to be bored easily, they sure won’t be with the Acer Aspire X1920 that promises speedy processing of various applications so that kids can process all their school work at the fastest time possible. Yet even during their leisure hours like gaming or simply surfing the Web, the Acer Aspire X1920 stands out in terms of performance.
That is because the Pentium Dual Core E6800 (3.33GHz, 2MB Smart Cache 1066MHz FSB) processor and the companion Intel G41 Express Chipset does all the processing work at blinding speed that can surely match up with any kids’ fast mental faculties.  And the 2GB DDR3 memory completes the triumvirate of tech darlings that will surely bring out the best in any child.

Its impressive clear graphics display, through the ATI HD6450 1GB DVII/HDMI LP graphics card, makes digital projects in school stand out in terms of vividness and clarity.
Add to that the high-definition audio support that makes both the simplest and even the more complicated multimedia school work clearly audible, whether during tests done at the home prior to the school presentation or even during the actual presentation itself. Trust the Acer Aspire X1920 to be your child’s most trusted digital buddy at home to aid him in all his school work.
More importantly, his valuable school work needs to be stored in the most spacious and secure way possible. This is an issue that is easily solved by the Acer Aspire X1920, with its 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage and your child won’t have to bug you for an external hard drive. Every amount of storage space he wants he already has for his school files—or even the out-of-school related work like photos or his favorite movies, or perhaps photos he took together with the entire family, classmates or friends.
Te Acer Aspire X1920 is not all just about for school work use as your child’s virtual teacher.




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