28 February 2012

Vicki Belo's Yoga instructor wants her to be 'free'

For Yoga instructor Al Galang, currently dubbed as “the Other Man” in the recent Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho, Jr. breakup, the Doctor to the Stars is better off single and “drama free.”
In his first ever interview, Galang unflinchingly said in the Sunday episode of “The Buzz” that he “hopes” the recent breakup of the couple would be for good.
“I think so, and I hope so, only because I think she’d be better off as an independent woman without any messes going on. Because there’s so many things attached to the relationship. I hope she can be free; I hope she can fly,” said he.

According to him, he was able to say such because he deems that “drama is not good” and that “they’ve just been through too much.”
‘Love Letter’
In the heat of Belo and Kho’s Twitter breakup some weeks ago, recall that Galang’s name popped up and was dragged into the fray after Kho posted his photo and a scanned “love letter,” which the Yoga instructor supposedly wrote to Belo dated October last year. Kho posted (@Haydenjr) the said files as “proof” that, contrary to Belo’s infidelity accusation against him and actress Nancy Castiglione, he was actually the aggrieved party.
Kho said in a tweet, which he later deleted: "You (Belo) accuse me of infidelity and barrage the public with the accusations as if it's really true. Proof? C'mon show me."
Moments later, Kho said he has forgiven Galang.
About the letter, Galang admitted on “Buzz” that he indeed penned the letter, but he quickly clarified that it was just part of his “harmless flirting.”
“It was sort of a fun kind of crush letter thing. Back then we had some flirting, very no malice, walang intention,” he explained.
He likewise acknowledged that, at that time, he knew that Belo and Kho were still together when he gave her the letter.
“We kind of did it as a joke,” said he.
As to how the letter got into Kho’s hands, Galang said he has no idea. Yet the most pertinent question, however, was where he got the idea to write Belo the letter.
Galang recounted, “She [Belo] said, ‘Hey, I [am] going to the States and are you gonna miss me enough?’ I said, ‘Sure, of course;’ and then she said, ‘Prove it!’
Asked why he thinks Kho decided to retract his earlier claim that he and Belo are having an affair, Galang said, “I think the reason why he pulled it was because it was nothing and he knows that. That there was no weight to it all. It had nothing to do with the breakup or any other sort of turmoil in their relationship even with the fact that my name was attached.”
In fact, he even said that he has “no reaction” when Kho dropped his name as the alleged third-party in his relationship.
“I didn’t have any reaction because ‘yung isip ko, that must have been a sort-of heat-of-the-moment thing and that is exactly why he took all that down. I’m not even in this and that is the wildfire that Twitter spreads these days,” he stated.
Despite dishing out that the letter somewhat stemmed from a dare by Belo, Galang immediately absolved her name in the issue, saying that his “flirting” had not been reciprocated.
“No, no. It was kind of [a] crush letter, almost. Vicki has always been a very good girlfriend to Hayden and she remained consistent throughout. It wasn’t like there was a reaction or anything from her with that letter,” Galang said.
Relationship with Vicki
Since he admitted that he wrote the controversial letter, Galang was queried if he and Belo are in any way romantically engaged.
To this, he directly stated, “Vicki and I do not have a romantic relationship. I think I can clarify that. We’re both single. She’s bagong single, I’ve been single for a while but there’s really no relationship.”
Galang underscored though that “she’s [Belo] single but not ready to mingle.”
But, it doesn’t mean that he’s completely ruling out the possibility of a relationship to blossom between them.
“I’m not making tyaga or anything here. I’m just like, I go with things as they are. I’m not affected by all these. Go with the flow. But if there is something down the line, I won’t rule it out at all. If pwede, sige,” said the US-born Pinoy.
Aside from being open to the possibility of having a relationship with the doctor to the stars, Galang also noted that he’s “interested” in and “intrigued” by Belo because she is “a complete package that anything a guy would want.” But, more importantly because she is the “kind of girl I would like.”
“Of course you can’t help but be intrigued or attracted to someone as attractive, as funny and smart as she is. I’m interested in who she is,” he intimated.
Message to Hayden and Vicki
At the end of it all, the 28-year-old former model and DJ said that he’s Belo's friend and that he’s got her back.
“I just want her to heal because I know she’s got pain because you can hear it in her voice. So we wanna fix that pain,” he said as his message to Belo.
As for the newly single Kho, Galang had an interesting opinion.
“I’m excited for Hayden because I don’t think people give him that enough credit that he’s so talented, so good-looking, he’s an intelligent guy. He’s a doctor for God’s sake. He’s got a lot ahead of him when all this settles down, I could see his career really taking off… in any industry that he chooses,” he mused.




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