16 February 2012

Mo Twister reacts on Ogie Alcasid’s video diary 'spoof'

It seems DJ Mo Twister isn't happy with Ogie Alcasid’s parody of the former's infamous “got rid of our baby” video diary.
Reports say that the spoof was aired as a segment during Ogie and wife Regine Velasquez’s Valentine's Day concert, “Mr. & Mrs. A.” There, video diaries made by the husband-wife tandem were shown, all portraying what couples do when they have misunderstandings. In one, Ogie was reportedly seen crying while speaking in American accent but made no mention of Mo's issue.
At 10:40 the same evening, the currently New York-based Mo posted on Twitter, “Just heard @ogiealcasid made fun of me crying in the abortion video. Classy move bud. Didnt you just have a child? Glad, its alive.”

Regine gave birth to their first child, Nathaniel James, on Nov. 8 last year.
The DJ's first tweet was immediately followed by, “hey guys, dont worry bout it. i'm sure he got a good laugh out of it. a few kids dying is pretty fucking funny. unless its his @ogiealcasid”
Addressing a user who said that there's “nothing funny about jokes concerning babies dying,” Mo expressed his agreement in a lengthy reply.
“at times i feel like the only people who understand how hard it was are parents who have lost children. so much is made bout careers being ruined, etc. nobody knows how much i fought to keep it alive. there is a darker deeper story here yet no one gets how hard and miserable it was to go through it.
“everyone mourns differently and you never get over it. I have a sick daughter now and after losing the last one, you just look for avenues for something to hold on to. I go back to the hospital, i take pictures of where it happened, i hold on to anything I have left. People will never understand,” he said.
But at 11:09 a.m. on Wednesday, Mo posted, “thanks for offering an apology @ogiealcasid I texted you back, hope you got it.”
Leo Dominguez, Ogie’s manager, told PEP via SMS earlier that his ward will not comment on the issue.
Dominguez added, quoted as saying in the article posted early morning Wednesday, “It was done in spirit of comedy. No intention to offend anybody.”
Meanwhile, PEP also sought the concert director Rowell Santiago for comment. Rowell explained that all they did was show their interpretation of what couples do when fighting, and that expressing their sentiments via a laptop was one of them.
He joked, quoted as saying, “Hindi naman siya [Mo] 'yon. Siya ba 'yon? Wala naman kaming sinabing siya, a! Bakit siya nag-react? Siya ba 'yon? Kamukha ba? Kahawig ba niya? Hindi naman, a!”
On a lighter note, Ogie and Regine’s first joint concert as a married couple was a huge success. Tickets were reportedly sold out, with famous and non-famous attendees alike. Guest performers included Kyla, Moymoy Palaboy, Dingdong Dantes and Sam Pinto.
“Salamat at dito niyo po napili’ng makipag-Valentine kasama ng inyong mahal sa buhay. It’s very special because it’s our first concert after nag-asawa kami and after nagka-baby kami,” Ogie said in a report by “Saksi” Tuesday evening.




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