22 February 2012

Hayden and Nancy 'spotted' kissing; yoga instructor stands by Vicki

Although Hayden Kho, Jr. and Nancy Castiglione have both denied their alleged affair, so-called witnesses claim to have seen the two getting more than friendly to each other.
Hayden had purportedly visited the former singer-actress in her office in Makati, according to witnesses who requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs. One of these witnesses had supposedly seen the controversial personalities smooching in the fire escape.
“Nakita ko si Hayden Kho at tsaka si Nancy. Na-shock sila na hindi mo malaman. Gulat na gulat sila. Sabi ko sa kasama ko, ‘Tingnan niyo si Hayden at tsaka si Nancy.’ Noong bumaba ‘yung kasama ko, tinanong ko kung nakita niya kung may ginagawa sila. Sabi ng kasama ko naghahalikan daw,” the witness told "TV Patrol," Feb. 21.
An employee, meanwhile, related in a separate interview, “Dalawa ang nakakita. Actual nilang nakita na naghahalikan.”
It was not mentioned in the report, however, if Hayden and Nancy’s supposed secret trysts were recent.
Vicki and Hayden, who would've tied the knot this year, called it quits nearly two weeks ago after their almost seven-year relationship. Nancy allegedly caused the couple’s split, with speculations stemming from Vicki’s explosive Feb. 10 tweet that the former can already “openly date” Hayden.
Hayden seemingly attempted to get back at Vicki by posting "proofs" of her alleged unfaithfulness on Twitter last Feb. 20: a photo of and a sweet letter from her Bikram yoga instructor, Al Galang. The embattled ex-doctor apparently regretted his online rampage, deleting the said posts and clarifying that Vicki has never cheated on him. He likewise stressed that nothing romantic is going on between him and Nancy.
Al, in an interview with Yahoo Philippines, maintained that he has nothing to do with the split.
“…this is all an issue between two parties, him and Vicki. As long as I've known them, they've in a faithful relationship; eventually it just didn't work out,” said he.
He likewise seconded Hayden’s earlier statement that they have already settled their issue.
The owner of Sundar Bikram Yoga in Greenhills, San Juan added that he’s got Vicki’s back.
“I will continue to offer my full support in what has become quite a bit of an ordeal. She is an amazing woman that has been through much worse than this. I have no doubt in my mind she'll be ok. But no matter who you are, any break-up is bound to be a painful one,” said Al.




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