01 December 2011

DBM Proposes P11.68-B for Addt’l P10K PEI Bonus for 1.67M Gov't Personnel

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has proposed to President Benigno S. Aquino III an additional holiday bonus of P10,000 to 1.67 million government personnel in the form of a Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI). Secretary Florencio B. Abad said that this proposal will cost P11.68 billion in total.

This is on top of half of the regular year-end bonus—in the form of half of the 13th month pay and cash gift of P5,000—which is already being given to government employees starting November 15 up to 30. “Our improved expenditure and deficit management will allow the national government to authorize the grant of additional bonus to government personnel on top of what they regularly receive,” he said. He noted that the total year-end bonus amounts to P27.82 billion, and half of which has earlier been released to employees in May as mid-year bonus.

Abad noted that a proof of a stable fiscal situation, the national government (NG) will shoulder in full the P10,000 PEI. The past practice was that P7,000 would come from the national government while up to P3,000 would come from the savings of respective agencies. “Under this policy, there are agencies who cannot provide their P3,000 share in full or in part, to their employees due to insufficient savings. To be fair to all employees, we are proposing that the full P10,000 will be given to them through the national government,” he said.

He added that this new policy will prevent agencies from artificially generating savings, at the expense of the programs and projects they are implementing, to finance their share of PEI. Under the proposed administrative order submitted to the President, employees in the Executive Branch, including those in government-owned or controlled corporations and financial institutions (GOCCs & GFIs) will be granted a one-time PEI of P10,000 each. Eligible for this PEI are employees hired on a permanent, temporary, casual or contractual status, and still active in the service as of November 30 of this year.

The full amount will be given for those who have rendered at least four months of service as of that date. For GOCCs and GFIs, the amount will be charged against the savings of these government firms, whether in full or partial depending on their sufficiency of funds. Meanwhile, employees in the Legislative and Judicial Branches, as well as from other offices with fiscal autonomy, may be granted at rates not exceeding P10,000, and chargeable to their respective available savings. The grant of the said PEI for employees in Local Government Units (LGUs) may be determined by the sanggunian depending on an LGU’s financial capability and subject to the Personal Services limitation in the Local Government Code.

Source: dbm.gov.ph




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