17 November 2011

People who spend prolonged hours working on computers/watching tv are likely to suffer from TATT

Do you wake up feeling as if you have not slept at all? You are probably suffering from the TATT syndrome-Tired All The Time.

Some of the symptoms consist of:

  • Feeling sleepy throughout the day.
  •  Experiencing a loss of motivation. 
  •  Experiencing difficulty in carrying out daily tasks.
  • Feeling depressed without any reason.
Lifestyle causes like unusual or disturbed sleep patterns can add to the woes of a person suffering from TATT. Best cure is to get more rest and the appropriate times, maybe cut back on Twitter or facebook...



mitit November 17, 2011 at 10:37 AM  

nice lage ni maam. hehehe!

~naa unta share link sa FB or twitter maam para dali lang mshare. hehehe!


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