28 November 2011

Jinkee, Manny and their story of reconciliation

All’s well that ends well.
At least that is what the friends of the high profile couple are saying now that the smoke has cleared between husband and wife.
The story according to unimpeachable sources is that when Jinkee Pacquiao left the country to watch the fight of Manny against Marquez last Nov. 12 in Las Vegas, she was armed with a lot of papers for the confrontation with her husband.
The papers according to the source are overwhelming pieces of evidence of Manny’s alleged “indiscretions” supplied to her by a private investigator she hired prior. The piece de resistance, the source added, is the annulment paper ready to be filed anytime.
But Manny, according to the source, realized that he didn’t want to lose Jinkee over this and that the daily Bible studies led by a pastor in his group ruled the heart of the boxer.
He was said to be “in pain” over Jinkee’s decision to leave, and the more immediate decision of his wife to stay at the MGM Grand instead of joining him at Mandalay Bay Hotel prior to the fight. Even his offer to renew their vows right there and then was nixed by Jinkee, the source continued.
Manny has his promoter Bob Arum to thank. Sources said Arum was the only person able to convince Jinkee to give her husband another chance. After a long talk with Arum, Jinkee gave in, forgave her husband who promised to turn over a new leaf.
Manny then had to make a few phone calls to “cut cleanly” and later changed his mobile phone numbers and removed the PIN codes of each unit.




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