28 October 2011

Maasinhon Trio takes on controversies

Less than a week after being declared “Pilipinas Got Talent 3” winners, Andrew Sanchez, Licinio Lolo and Bonifacio Salubre a.k.a.the Maasinhon Trio find themselves at the receiving end of criticisms.
Asked to address this issue, Lolo told Bulletin Entertainment and other members of the media in an interview on Thursday, “Para sa amin, siguro opinyon nila yun. Sa amin naman, kasi marami namang sumusuporta sa amin. Alam namin ‘yon. Kasi sa amin alam namin na todo-suporta ang mga tao sa amin [sa Southern Leyte].” He also maintained, “yung 12 finalists po [ay] deserving lahat yun eh.”
For his part, Salubre said, “Sa ‘min lang yung feeling namin siguro [yung mga nag-comment against us ay] mga supporters ‘to sa kabila.”
On people’s comment that “PGT” should change their title to “Pilipinas Got Singing Talent” – given that singers have been declared from the first season up to now – Lolo replied, laughing, “Hindi naman namin kasalanan yun eh.”
Also present during the interview was business unit head for TV production Alou Almaden, who stressed that "PGT" winners have always been determined by the most number of text and online votes.
“We didn’t miss naman on reminding the people it’s texting and online voting. The grand winner will be based on the total number of text votes. Every gap yun eh, the hosts and the judges [say it]. So it’s really up to the public. If they favor somebody, they really just have to vote,” she said, adding that she’s “proud” of all the finalists.
“So it’s really up to the public, the voting public, kasi may ‘public’ na magco-comment lang eh pero hindi naman boboto ‘di ba? Sinong gusto niyong ilagay? Saka it’s the rule eh worldwide. Nobody’s exempted, no country is exempted to that rule na text and online [voting] lang talaga ‘to.
“So given all these elements, yung public talaga… kailangang irespeto eh, ‘di ba, whatever the outcome is,” Almaden explained.
In another part of the interview, she mentioned, “But again it’s not enough that you comment or you scream. You have to vote.”
The TV exec also offered her personal take on the “Pilipinas Got Singing Talent” comment.
“Kasi ang Pinoy… when we talk of talent kasi sa Pilipinas, mostly singing eh ‘di ba? Kasi how do we compare dun sa mga acrobats, sa mga gymnastics… Aminin ko talaga what the other contestants did na non-singing, talagang amaze na amaze ako. And they’re not professionals,” said she, but also opined that the talent of Filipinos in other aspects are evolving.
“Kasi yung industriya, ano nga naman ang venue for other talents outside singing or acting? Wala tayong masyadong venue eh,” she added.
On the same evening of the “PGT 3” finals night, one of its hosts Luis Manzano posted on his Twitter account that finalist El Gamma Penumbre “will always be my grand winner fr[om] season 3.” Asked to react on this, Almaden said, “As a unit head, probably I would not have agreed [with what Luis did], pero he has always been like that. He has been consistent from day one, very outspoken talaga.
“Again ano, for everyone who made their comments on social networks or kung saan man, I respect all your comments and all your take. Even that of Luis, probably. Pero kasi Twitter is a personal ano rin naman talaga eh. And Luis, from day one [and] even long before ‘PGT,’ talaga namang nagga-ganyan siya eh. Personality na niya yun,” she explained.
The Maasinhon Trio are also being compared to the APO Hiking Society, but Salubre said, “Iba sila eh. Talagang magagaling sila.”
Lolo shared this sentiment, adding, "Siguro kasi trio [rin] naman kami eh. Kaya na-compare kami. Pero ang APO, para sa amin, idol na idol namin sila. Talented talaga [sila].”
The Maasinhon Trio are set to return on Monday to Leyte where a victory party will be held to celebrate their triumph. Almaden said that part of the trio’s contact is to make an album, but she’s yet to discuss this aspect with Sony Music. Sony apparently handles all the winners of the "Got Talent" franchise.
Meanwhile, the trio expressed willingness to settle in Manila for good should the opportunity to further their singing career here arises.
Manila Bulletin



Sweetzel November 4, 2011 at 12:23 PM  

Good day! I've seen a lot of comments on facebook asking why did the Maasinhon Trio won, and sometime they'd criticize the group. The show was all about the people's vote on who would they like to be on top, not the judges vote. Its disappointing though because there are other talents which are better then singing. But still, its the singing talent the people wants. Besides, they are deserving to be the winner of the PGT Season 3.

Miki Kawahara November 4, 2011 at 2:57 PM  

Hi! I've also read on facebook some criticisms on the PGT Season 3 grand finals winner. As what I have observed, since Season 1, the winners are always singers. Maybe the talent in singing is really in the blood of the Filipinos.And for me, Maasinhon Trio deserves to win the contest because they have the talent which is something that they can be proud of.


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