31 October 2011

Jinkee Pacquiao still uses Krista to justify her husband

It will do Jinkee Pacquiao a lot of good if she will stop talking about the alleged philandering ways of her husband.
In the latest spate of controversy linking Pacquiao to a certain Kat OrdoƱez whose baby was baptized recently, Jinkee justified her husband (once again!) by mentioning the name of Krista Ranillo. “Manny promised me that after Krista, wala nang iba pang kasunod at naniniwala ako sa asawa ko,” she said to this effect.
We believe that Jinkee will be better advised if: 1. she opens her eyes to the realities of her life; 2. she stops mentioning Krista in her interviews.
Krista now lives in peace with her brand new family. She has moved on with her life quietly, away from showbiz and the intrigues that go with it. That alleged affair had been over for more than a year already.
Jinkee must know by now that no wife knows the absolute truth about a husband’s indiscretion.
We just hope that Krista or anybody from her side, will not be pushed to make any “revelations” about that shameful involvement of long ago that could maybe shock Jinkee to her senses.




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