27 October 2011

Adidas’ New Sneakers Lets Users Record Dubstep Mixes

Adidas’ new line of sneakers adidas Originals Mega have technology-embedded soles that allows its users to record every heel, tap, or step, they take. 

After recording a mix with their music-making shoes, users can upload and share the tracks, and create their own music and dance mash-ups. 

Adidas teamed up with French coder Didier Brun to place sensors in the shoes. The shoes transmit pressure through the sensors—creating and controlling sounds made. 

To promote the Mega shoe line, adidas also collaborated with international beatboxing star Dharni, and four up-and-coming Asian hip-hop dancers from Singapore, for their ‘foot-tapping beatbox musical’ website. 

The “Mega Shuffle” mixer—by creative agency iris Singapore—allows viewers to create and share their own mix with pre-recorded beatbox tracks, and view the Mega shoe line products. 

Source: designtaxi.com




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