11 July 2011

Skatepark House

Have you ever seen a house that's also a skatepark?

When it comes to this house, you can scrap the “no skating inside” rule your mother used to scream.

PAS House is a combination of skate ramp and living quarters, and is an experiment in creating a skater’s utopia: where architecture is designed to create a skate-friendly world.

It’s 753.5 square feet big, and has furniture that’s perfectly skate-able. Tables, counter tops, and even seats are made from plywood. The house takes the concept of having linked buildings, with skateboards as the primary form of transport.

Pierre-André Senizergues and designer, Gil Le Bon Delapointe, created this house in collaboration with skate-shoe company Etnies as part of the Public Domaine Exhibition.





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