21 July 2011

Manny Pacquiao's membership application to Manila Polo Club denied

World boxing champion Manny Pacquiao's application to join the elite Manila Polo Club has been denied, reports PEP.ph. The reason, explained an unnamed Manila Golf Club board member, may be exclusivity.

"It's a small club in a small village. They want to preserve a lifestyle," said the board member. He also added that contrary to what was published in Boxingplanet.net that Pacquiao applied to both the Manila Polo Club and the Manila Golf Club, the Pound-for-Pound King only tried for the former.

According to the board member, exclusive groups like the Manila Golf Club are strict when it comes to members' bringing guests, bodyguards—or in Pacquiao's case, an entire entourage. Even Manila Golf Club's two honorary members, the President and the Makati City Mayor, are prohibited from bringing their bodyguards, said the board member. The PEP.ph article also recounted how US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry K. Thomas had diffulty gaining access for his secret service officers. Instead of the usual four, only two were allowed, and the hosting member received admonishing from management.

The Manila Polo Club has maintained its exclusivity for over a hundred years with members described in its website as "the country's A-listers belonging to the influential and affluent level of the Philippine status quo." This air of exclusivity begins through a keen applicant screening. "Any party interested in becoming a member of the Club must first file an application with the Membership Committee to purchase a proprietary membership certificate. A deposit of the applicable transfer fee shall be required from the applicant. It will be refunded to him without interest in the event his/her application is rejected for any reason whatsoever, minus the applicable processing fee as prescribed by the Board of Directors," stated the Manila Polo Club website.

The club also noted that every application must be nominated and seconded by a propriety member qualified to vote. According to PEP.ph, this means Pacquiao's P388-million home in Forbes Park does not guarantee him a place in Manila's most elite clubs. PEP.ph also added that Pacquiao's friend, Chavit Singson, was also denied membership in 2008.

Source: spot.ph



Good Filipino July 21, 2011 at 10:04 AM  

tsk! tsk! siguro overqualified na ang profile nya para sa mga small club in a small village. Dapat gumawa na lang sya ng sarili nyang Club... hehehe

butterfly_PH July 31, 2011 at 9:02 PM  

If Manny just wanted to play golf to relax, he can just travel around the world, I am sure that international golf club will accept him without screening such as that one in the Philippines.. tsk..tsk..tsk.. for someone like him that donates so much for the people in need got denied for just joining a golf club is rediculous... that's what I called "descrimination"


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