10 June 2011

Winning Touch: NBA Teams that Touch the Most Win the Most, Study Says

A pat on the back, a touch on the arm, could these be the keys to an NBA championship? According to two scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, the answer is yes.

Michael Kraus and Dacher Keltner studied every team in the NBA and found that the teams who touched the most won the most.
 Toward the end of game three in the NBA finals, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh turns the ball over and is visibly unhappy exchanging words with a teammate. He gets back on defense and gives that teammate, Dwyane Wade, two reassuring pats.

ABC News studied the game tape with Keltner and Kraus.

"There's one touch and another touch," said Kraus. "It's one of those things where they're communicating, they're together, even though bad things are happening right now during the game."

Over the course of four games, the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat are deadlocked at two games apiece in the NBA finals. Four games into the best-of-seven series, the Mavericks are winning in one key category: touches.

Source: abc news




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