10 June 2011

Pinoys React to Wiener’s Online Sex Scandal

For many online bloggers, it was a sex scandal with a modern twist: the New York City mayor hopeful –Congressman Anthony Weiner sent a tweet-pic –of someone in underwear—to a young woman from Seattle via twitter.

At first, the 46- year old representative denied it, saying his twitter account was hacked.  But in an emotional news conference Monday, Weiner admitted that he had sent the picture and also engaged in virtual online relationships with six other women, whom he claims he has never met in person.
Sofia Abad, a New York resident who voted for Weiner in the past said, “It’s not really proper for a public official to do such a thing because when you’re a public official you should serve as a role model for your constituents.”

New Yorker Marshall Factora, a Filipino registered Democrat, remains steadfast in his support of Weiner. He said, “He’s (Weiner) a politician who does good for New York so I think he should stay in office… Look at Bill Clinton; he got away with it why wouldn’t Weiner get away with it, after all his name sounds very powerful.”

Throughout the week, Weiner refused to resign. But yesterday, another lewd photo of Weiner, this time fully exposed, that he supposedly took of himself, turned up on the internet.

Sources close to his wife, Huma Abedin – a top official in State Secretary Hillary Clinton’s staff- said that she is pregnant.

Many New Yorkers believe that although, as Weiner claims, no real sex with anyone had occurred– the damage has been done.

Source: Balitang America




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