14 June 2011

GMail now allows direct screenshot emailing

Now, users running Google's GMail in Google's Chrome browser no longer need to save their screenshots into files before attaching them to messages.

Google said that it now allows pasting images right from the clipboard into GMail messages, but only if the Chrome browser being used is the latest version.
"Now, when you’re running the latest version of Google Chrome, you can paste images right from your clipboard too. So if you copy an image from the web or another email, you can paste it right into your message. This is especially handy for passing around screenshots — you don’t have to save the files any more," Google software engineer Daniel Cheng said in a blog post.

Before this, GMail made attaching images easier by letting one drop images from the desktop right into the compose window.

Without the new GMail "shortcuts," one would have had to save the screenshot as a file, then look for it in the hard or removable drive before attaching it to the email message being composed.

Source: GMA News




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