27 June 2011

Famous Romances with Shocking Age Gaps

Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra Gale Brown (9 Years)

She was 13 and he was a twice-divorced 22 year-old when they were married. Normally that description alone would be enough to qualify as off-putting. But wait, she was also his cousin (technically the daughter of his first cousin, but still). Jerry Lee Lewis was a fiery character, but this marriage was considered even too wild for him. It reportedly derailed his mainstream rock 'n roll career and gave preachers plenty of ammunition against the burgeoning rock scene. After two children and 13 years of marriage, the controversial couple eventually split.


Madonna and Guy Richie (10 Years)

The British director had just begun to establish himself in the film world when he snagged one of the music world's biggest stars. When Guy Ritchie married Madonna, ten years his senior, in 2000, some wondered if it was just a publicity stunt for his latest flick Snatch. But nope, she really was going out with him. But when the marriage hit the rocks in 2008, all eyes turned once again to the disparity between the two. Madonna's estimated fortune of $450 million was a whopping ten times that of Ritchie's. But he shunned all monetary gain in the rather smooth divorce proceedings, claiming his renewed bachelor status was the ultimate score.

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