16 June 2011

Boy Abunda named Ladlad senior adviser; vows to help party list win 3 congressional seats in 2013

TV host and manager Boy Abunda has accepted the offer to be the senior adviser of the Ladlad Partylist.

Abunda considers getting the position “one of the most important chapters” in his life. He aims to not just be an active member of the group, but an aggressive one.

“I’ve always been supportive of Ladlad in my own way but now is the time---this is the time---to step up my participation,” he told Bulletin Entertainment and other members of media on June 16.
He admitted getting “hurt” for Ladlad when it failed to secure Comelec accreditation in 2010. He vows to not let that happen again in 2013.

“Di na kami papayag,” was his stern declaration.

He nipped in the bud talks that he accepted Ladlad’s offer because he wants to generate support for his rumored plan to run for congress or some other national position in the next election.

“I am not interested in legislative,” Boy said. “If ever I run for office---if ever---it will be for governor of Eastern Samar and not on 2013 but 2016.”

Abunda is adamant that he won’t run for any other post, least of all under the Ladlad Partylist, that he tells people to “NOT vote for Ladlad” if he changes his tune.

“I believe I can best help them by going around and disseminating information about Ladlad and the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community,” Abunda said.

During the media huddle, Ladlad unveiled their new logo and slogan. Some people also shared how they experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation.      

The famed TV host added that joining Ladlad will be his “legacy.” Abunda aims to help Ladlad win three seats in the 2013 elections.

According to a release, Ladlad is sponsoring one night of the play “CareDivas” at PETA Theater; the first of a series that the pink party list plans to offer the public.

“We wanted a show that would cater not just for the LGBT community but to heterosexuals as well,” Abunda was quoted as saying.
An open audition was also announced for singers and dancers who will be part of “Glee for Ladlad” or “GLAD,” the party’s volunteer entertainment group.
Source: Manila Bulletin




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