07 April 2011

Australia Unveils Logo-less Cigarette Packs

Australia today unveiled logo- and brand-less cigarette packs that the government is hoping tobacco companies will use, if a legislation aimed at curbing smoking among young people is passed, reports News.com.au.

Under the proposed legislation, tobacco companies will be required to follow strict rules on cigarette packaging, including the removal of all logos and setting type in a specific font. The new packs are all olive green, which research found to be the “least attractive color for smokers”, the Australian news website said.

Health warnings and graphic images depicting the various diseases smoking can cause will be enlarged to take up 90% of the front of packs and 75% of the back, News.com.au said.

“Our research shows that the look of the pack is an important consideration for young people at risk of being drawn to smoking,” Ian Oliver, chief executive of the Heart Foundation and Cancer Council Australia, said in a statement.

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