01 February 2011

iTunes and Free Download Services

In this age of file sharing, it is no longer a common to see people buy CDs in record stores to listen to their favorite bands and songs. They just go online.Be it iTunes or free music and video downloading sites, the hunt is on for the safest, most affordable way to get that most-wanted tune.


What’s on the iTunes Store? There are millions of songs here from most of the artists, albums or genre anyone can think of. There are thousands of movies to buy or rent, television shows to keep, and web applications and games to download. There are more than 150,000 free audio and video podcasts, and a lot of best-selling audiobooks too.

iTunes is a free application for Macs and PCs, organizing and playing digital music and videos on the computer. Most music, videos and audio-books are for sale though, and they have to be purchased online.
Still, iTunes’ advantages are worth it. When one downloads music and videos from the store, it’s immediately added to the iTunes library. This makes it easily searchable and playable. If most of the music is digital (no more CDs), then one can create music playlists by simply dragging songs into a playlist. If there’s no particular order, let the Shuffle feature take control.

This application also has a Home Sharing feature, wherein one can share music, movies, TV shows and more among the computers at home. Basically, this lets users hear music, watch movies and TV shows, listen to podcasts, audio books and lectures, with just one click.

Safe, free downloading sites

We7 is a free MP3 music download service launched by music rock legend Peter Gabriel, technology entrepreneur Steve Purdham, and financial authority John Taysom.
Unlike most peer-2-peer or no-cost music download sites, every time users download free, legal MP3 songs or clips from We7, a payment will be made to the artist.
How is this done? We7 allows some companies and brands to advertise with the music tracks being downloaded for free. While users might get commercials with their music, they get to make the decision to respect artists’ copyright of their hard work and still download music for free. After a month, the MP3 song can be “ad-free.”

Meanwhile, Cnet is another popular downloading service exerting extra effort to create the safest, most up-to-date, and easy-to-use downloading experience on the Web.
It tests all software products submitted to it against common viruses, spyware, and other threats that might interfere with users’ security, privacy and control. This includes software that installs viruses, malicious adware, spyware and other malware at any point during or after installation. This also includes software that installs without notice and the user’s consent.

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