23 February 2011

Are Video Games Art?

I don't play video games neither I am a fan of it so I can't attest that video games are art. But according to the Smithsonian, they are art.

Video games have as much place in museums as they do on computer screens, an upcoming exhibition in the Smithsonian will tell you.

In March next year, the Smithsonian American Art Museum will debut The Art of Video Games, an exhibition exploring the “40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium”, the museum wrote on the exhibition's website.

“Video games use images, actions and player participation to tell stories and engage their audiences,” the Smithsonian wrote. “In the same way as film, animation and performance, they can be considered a compelling and influential form of narrative art.”

The exhibition will focus on striking visuals and the innovative use of technology, from the early 8-bit classics to the current crop of high-definition shoot-’em-ups.

To aid in curating noteworthy games, the museum is opening up to the public a vote that will decide which games will on show. From now till 7 April, those interested can vote online for 80 games from categories divided by era, platform and game type. Some of these games include Mass Effect 2 (pictured above) and Legend of Zelda.




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