02 March 2009


Yes, it's March and Alma Mater Hymns and Graduation songs are again echoing loudly and lucidly. As it has always been, another bunch of graduates will march the isles with pride, climb up the podium with confidence, and receive their diplomas with the deepest feeling of emotional relief.

At this point in time, we believe that the graduating seniors are ready and that they are more eager to face greater responsibilities and experience the life outside the four-walled classroom.

In two weeks or so, we will once again see graduates rushing to the different corners searching for job vacancies. Some of them will be getting good jobs while some will get average ones just enough to get them through.

In most cases, those who have performed better in academics are more likely to be hired faster than those who have poor academic records, except otherwise when nepotism is at work.

Those who are unemployed or underly employed will come to realize how important grades are for employment. Probably, late as it may bem they will begin to understand deeper the value of work and the importance of perseverance. They'll start to ponder on things they should or shouldn't have done in college.

A friend who until now has not been hired for a job since we graduated told me what life is like being jobless. He is so downhearted and wishes he had not graduated for life to him was much better off being a student than a graduate and jobless.

Will there be another prototype who will think such a thing now that another graduation has to come?

To most, graduation is an entrance to a more competitive world where an individual has to face greater challenges in life.

On things is certain here. Majority of them will go out and look for jobs after graduation, but wil they all be accommodated? Are there job placements ready for them? Record show that Philippines is producing thousands of professional every year. And undoubtedly, she is producing thousands of jobless and underlyemployed year after year.

We come to face to face with the problem of unemployment in the country.

For a fact, about 800,000 enter the job market every year. Today, the rate of jobless had increased. This alarming situation is brought about significantly by one factor, that is, "more people for few opportunities. Can you imagine a bulky file of applications a Director has to consider for one vacant slot?

It reminds me of a Senator who dislikes the population program of the government because according to him "people are not the problem but the solution to the problem."

Putting his words particularly in this situation, how can our jobless graduates solve the unemployment problem in our country?

People are resources. Nobody would seem to disagree on that. But having too many of them is so much of the country's burden. How can we develop people into productive resources if we can't even meet the present needs?

Early or later this month, another bunch of young citizens will march for graduation.

We only hope and pray that our government will share with them the economic boom (as they call it) our country has experienced lately providing them with ample job opportunities. Jobs where they can be more functional, productive, and which provide them enough chances to perform their best.

May God shower his abundance upon them that they may be able to land on jobs of their preferred professions and that, they will all dedicate themselves in the service of their fellowmen, their country, and continue to live by His living words.

In any case, we encourage them all to take all the challenges in life in a positive dimension by getting up every time they stumble and fall.




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