12 November 2008

Is Your Family Watching Too Much Television?

More and more people are watching this "monster box" and sometimes they tend to forget their other duties. has television taken over your family? Here are some questions to evaluate your family's relationship to this "monster box" taken from what I have read from Health and Home.

1. Do you watch more TV than the average person?
2. Do you turn the TV on just to see what is on?
3. Is you TV set the focus of the room it's in?
4. Would it be a major cris for your TV in your home?
5. Do you have more than one TV in your home?
6. Do you eat dinner in front of TV?
7. Is TV your family's only form of entertainment?
8. Is your favorite babe sitter a TV?
9. Do you leave the monitoring of programs to the network censors?

Your score: How many times did you answer "YES"?
0 - Great job. Does your house have electricity?
1-3 - Could be worse, but you will have to talk this over with your family.
4-6 - Yes, there is hope.
7-8 - Unplug the TV tonight
9 - Do you own a stock in the cable franchise?




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