24 October 2008

Lechon Kanding

Have you eaten a lechon kanding (roasted goat) already?
We are all familiar of a lechon baboy which we usually prepare on special occassions here in the Philippines. But to some, a lechon kanding is something we can never imagine to eat. When we had our depedida party for my cousin and his wife who are going back to Ilocos Norte, the boyfriend of my cousin Janet donated a lechon kanding. On my first sight of it, it doesn't look good at all because it looks like a malnourished goat. Everybody was so excited to eat it because we haven't eaten such food before. So when it was time for dinner, everybody made a big bite of the lechon. And look at what happened to the lechon after. It was really very delicious indeed!




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